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Black Culture Reserve (BCR) is a movement to showcase black-owned businesses and provides an avenue for these business to share who they are, what they do, and how they got started.

We are a passionate community that provides advice, knowledge and support to fellow entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals. The discussions and connections formed on our platform have helped startups, companies and countless people thrive in their careers. 

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Da’Juan Martin, a product of Chicago’s southside has always had a passion for business, especially black owned businesses. While he grew up shy, he learned from his mentor’s big personality the importance of connecting and networking. Being an advocate for black people and black business, Da’Juan created the Black Culture Reserve. Intrigued with entrepreneurship and having a heart for people, he wanted to provide a platform for black business owners to share their stories and businesses with the community and to be a bridge between black owned business and the communities they serve.

Da’Juan’s passion to start the Black Culture Reserve stemmed from the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic on so many business owners. The BCR helps build communities by supporting businesses that increase the capacity of youth and adults in education and business development. Since its inception the BCR has hosted 5 businesses on its national podcast and provides monthly black business showcases. Da’Juan believes black owned businesses are the future of value-creation in the community. He truly believes in supporting, advocating for, and highlighting promising black owned businesses in the community.

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